Thursday, 28 February 2013

Tae Conquers the Nursery Slope

Tae first experienced downhill skiing last year. He was not a fan skied holding Tig or my hand reluctantly. At the start of the second day he did not want to get out the car :(

Hence our expectation for this year was not too high. We discussed with him that we were going to go skiing again and how exciting it would be!

He started to talk about how he wanted to go skiing and kept saying 'Go ski now mummy, Tae go ski and I'm going to ski on a big mountain!" On Monday we got all the equipment out and tried on his new helmet. He refused to take it off all evening - we held out a little hope!!

So Tuesday morning we got up early, loaded up the car and headed off for a day on the slopes.

He was still excited and could not wait to put all his gear on when we arrived. Tig and I were still very skeptic, but hopeful.

So off we went to the nursery slope!!

He LOVED it!!!!

Tig and Tim went off skiing on the big slopes, and I stayed with Tae and went up the carpet rolling lift. We skied all the way down with him holding my hand as we did last year. He was so much more confident.

He did amazing and by the time Tig and Tim returned one hour later we had progressed to holding on with one finger all the way down, one finger for half the slope, then all the way down with on his OWN!!

Obviously Tim wanted to have a go with his brother and took him up and down a few times!!

We skied some more before taking a lunch break - traditional Norwegian ski slope food hot dogs!

After lunch I went off skiing with Tim and Tig stayed with Tae. Apparently Tae would not ski with Tig and just wanted to people watch - and eat some snow ;)

When I came back I was hoping for a little relaxing time in the sun! I had my lounger all ready;)

Obviously my little skier had other ideas and had me back out on the slopes. So up and down we went - nonstop.

We worked on turning. He managed to do this each time at the bottom of each slope as he turned to join the queue for the lift.

By the end of the day he was completely getting on and off the carpet lift alone and when I would try to help he would say 'no mummy let go'!! He also thought it was funny to turn into the pile of snow on the side and crash into it and fall over on purpose. Funny for him – hard work for mummy to help him up again.

After nearly 5 hours on the slopes it was time to call it a day, Tig and Tim went off to load their things in the car and I had to take a couple more runs with a certain ski king, who did not want to leave the slopes!

This smiley face sums it up!

After the final ‘just one more time mummy’ we called it a day, but are very excited for our next trip J

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