Sunday, 10 February 2013

Nana Time

Last week I had to travel to the UK to complete research as part of my Post Grad Certificate in Special Educational Needs Coordination.

I had to be in school all day collating information on systems and procedures then analyse how inclusive education looks in both policy and practice! Each evening I then had to reflect on the day and prepare for the next. 

My mother had insisted that even though I would be working non stop, I had to bring Tae along and she would have him all week.

They had a fabulous time:)

I would be working in the dining room and kept hearing giggles coming from whatever fun they had. I would nip out every now and then and snap a few photos before hitting the books again!

They covered it all, from painting, riding to the shops on the bus (big adventure), baking cakes and muffins, colouring, scissor cutting, story telling, fort building and airplane watching.

He really loved his colouring book for boys Nana had bought for him. Nana spent time teaching him to hold scissors properly and practice cutting shapes out. What Nana did not see was when he sneaked off and cut 3 lovely circles into the front of his t-shirt - sneaky boy (Nana quickly sewed them up again)!!

He is now quite the accomplished baker - the chocolate peanut butter muffins he made were scrummy. He did most of it himself as witnessed by the mess he made to himself and the kitchen;) Seriously how is it possible to get that much flour on yourself, especially in your hair?

Obviously after this little baking event bath time was very much needed!

Lets not mention how ridiculously indulged he was. Whatever he wanted to eat was prepared straight away on request!! The only rule was, that breakfast was eaten first, then ice-cream and ice lollies were allowed:0

They squeezed in a sleep over with cousin H. Obviously  Tae had to introduce to her to the ice lolly after breakfast rule - yes he is still in his pj's!

Wonderful fun by all, Grandad was there too, joining in the fun, giggles and cuddles. He was mainly in charge of airplane watching out of the study window.

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