Saturday, 16 February 2013

Organising Boys!

I may have been teased by friends in the past about my need to be organised and match/coordinate things.

I don't 'do' clutter - try putting that together with living with 3 males = epic fail.

Tig may have made have made comments that have a great deal in common with Monica from friends;)

What can I say, I just like order! It's the little things going right with the world that makes my day easier to deal with.

It is a good ideology to have order; tidy, organised, well presented children.

From babies both boys have been dressed with matching boxers (yes, their pants are chosen to colour coordinate their outfits) and socks:0. They have had completed outfits hanging in their wardrobe ready to pick out each morning. I mix and match them all on rotation when I'm putting the washing away. (Yes, I'm totally that OCD)

Easy ..... but then they go and grow up and you have to deal with respecting their choices and encouraging responsibility. 


For quite a while I have made Tim responsible for putting away his clothes and putting together what he wears each day - (he would be more than happy for me to lay out clean clothes the night before to make mornings easier).

On the occasions Tim's clothes move from the dresser into his wardrobe and drawers, its not pretty. Let's just say coordination, mix and matching are not happening - don't even mention hanging or folding!

He does have very clear idea of the clothes he wants to purchase and it has been a good couple of years since I could just buy things for him without him with me:(

So in order to let him grow up and be more responsible I have to take a step back and accept the state of his wardrobe and his choices of clothes and coordination.

Generally, it is not too bad, but increasingly there is a definite scruffy look. (training/jogging pants and baggy hoodies are not meant to be worn e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y.)

I can certainly see a new chapter in our lives beginning and one I am learning to just take a breathe and smile through (sometimes with gritted teeth;)

But, I still get to insist he has new jeans (of his choice) and make an appointment at the hairdressers for him when his hair gets too messy and needs a cut!!! Yay for small victories;)


  1. Oh - I can identify - it's hard to lose control. When they are small - you govern everything and choose everything. Ben is now at the stage where if it's not comfortable - it's a no go. So buying jeans can be troublesome. Jogging bottoms (fleece lined) and hoodies (fleece lined) is a big love. However because he hates shopping, I just choose what I like and because I don't like hoodies (he likes to wear them with the hood up inside), I just wised up and started buying him sweatshirts instead. But I know I have to respect his choices (sometimes).

  2. Glad to hear Im not alone! I'm enjoying dressing Tae as long as I can - but since he is such a mummy's boy I think Im safe for quite a while yet:)