Thursday, 28 February 2013

Overtaken by Tim!!

The time has finally arrived. I have been expecting it for a few years, but it does not mean I have to like it.

Tim can officially ski faster than me:( 
I had to ask him to slow down his pace and keep checking I was not too far behind.

The good news is, he also has great technique!

This season his style has suddenly jumped. This may also be the reason why his leaves me in his snow powder dust. There are no action shots as I can't ski that fast and take pictures at the same time!

He effortlessly parallel skis down down the slopes. He seriously looks really good - I was so proud to ski behind and watch him!!

All the skill training he did last year on an easy slope obviously paid off.

So, I may be pushing a snowboard now to see if that will slow him down a bit;)

I LOVE this ski resort. We are lucky to have 3 different places to ski under 2 hours from our house, but this is my favorite although it is the furthest away. It is a small resort with a great nursery slope area, just enough red, blue and black runs and regular fresh snow on quiet slopes:)

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