Monday, 25 February 2013

Sunday Hike

To kick start Winter break and get us out in the fresh air, we hit the mountain behind our house.

It takes less then 10 minutes walking from our front door to reach the woodland path.

After checking out the local pig and the chickens, we had a quick rest looking at the King's castle and the fjord.

Then it was on wards and upwards - along a very icy hill!

When we found a little bridge we had to stop a while to play. Tim was very cute, he went over first, jumped down and became the troll in  'Three Billy Goats Gruff' as Tae walked over the bridge. 

We continued up the mountain until we found a huge pile of rocks to climb next to a bench and decided it was a sign for a rest stop!

Tig opened up the bag and got out the biscuits for a snack and a drink - this proved very popular with the youngest member of our family:)

Tae kept smiling and saying "I love having a picnic!" I guess we need to do this more with a little more effort than biscuits;)

The boys skated around on some frozen water for a while before we headed off up the final part of the hill.

Tig and I followed the path and Tim decided to go straight up the mountain side. Obviously, Tae follows where his brother leads!

It was amusing watching them try to climb the steep, snowy, icy slope together:)

They made it in the end, and were very proud of themselves:))

Other Tae classic comments whilst on the walk included "Mummy, this is such a big, beautiful mountain!", " Come on, we are climbing the mountain" and "We are at the top mummy, we are at the top of the mountain!" (not that he watches too much Dora;)

Trust me while we were walking up I was quite aware that it was big mountain!

So once at the top, we started our way down. A better description would be slide and balance walk down.

Seriously slippy, but a fun 2 hours out in the fresh air.

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