Sunday, 10 February 2013

Cousin Fun!!

Both my boys adore their English cousins and love any time they can spend with them.

Tim tends to spend an increasing amount of time on the X-box online playing and chatting with cousin T.

Tae gets all his love and fun when we visit - and he certainly makes up for it when we are there.

My camera disappeared on Sunday when they came over for a visit and I loved to find these photos that they took!

Cousin B. is gorgeous! Not only is he smart, talented in all aspects of music, and rather handsome to boot, he has the most beautiful personality ever!!! (a very proud aunt here;)

The boy also has a serious guitar collection!!

The delightful H. simply loves the fact she has a little cousin to watch over and takes the job of being older very seriously. Apparently when my mum took Tae to pick her up from school, he had to be introduced to ALL the children in her class.

(Ooops, I have only just noticed the spilt cup of tea in the photo ... might want to call my mum later and have her check for a stain)

H and Tae play very nicely. I sneaked up on them and snapped pictures of them role playing together with an ambulance and spaceship. They were content playing like this for such a long time.

Tae loves his cousins T & C too, I didn't manage to get a shot of T, but managed to get C while he was sitting having a chat with his Nana.

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