Friday, 28 September 2012

Tim's Weekend

These days Tim is not too happy with his mother taking his picture. Often I get huffs and puffs and 'Muuuum', when I raise the camera in his direction.
So a quite a number of shots are candid, when he does not know I'm clicking away.
He does the best scowels and turns his back. Since he is 11 years old, I repect his right to say no to having his photo taken and usually stop snapping.
He recently was allowed to purchase and part own an air gun with Tig. We have VERY stict rules for storage and use. He loves doing target practise and takes it all very seriously.

Great fun was had bbq and toasting bread dough on a stick. This is common in Norway. I know Tae has done this on trips in the forest with his barnehage, but this was a first for Tim and I.


Finally, I managed to capture Tim looking at the camera on the boat on the way off the island:)))


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  1. That last picture is gorgeous. You have a very handsome young man there.