Monday, 10 September 2012

Musical Beds

Usually Tae is great at bedtime.
He will happily have his vitamin bear, omega 3 fish tablet, brush his teeth and potter up to bed. He likes to have his pillow, teddy and planes all organised before a story or two, then he climbs into bed and says night, night.
He is quite happy being put to bed by most people and sometimes Tim does it:)
Around one year ago he began asking for the light on and the door open. We suspect he is scared of the dark, but since he tucks in and goes to sleep quickly by himself it has never been a problem.
However....... recently he has started to relocate (or sneak very quielty with the above mentioned pillow, teddy and planes) to other people's beds. Either ours or Tim's.  To begin with, we found him a few times in our bed and we just carried him back to his own room without him waking.
Then a couple of weeks ago he got braver. Around 5 minutes after Tim went to bed I could hear giggles coming from upstairs. Tae was proudly in Tim's bed. Quite impresssive as it is a high cabin type with no stairs. Tim had pulled out a sleeping bed and was bunking down on the floor. I quickly returned each boy to their own bed!
When asked why he had not sent his brother back to his room, Tim answered, "he looked so happy and cosy in my bed". Geesh!
So, we come to a few nights ago and I go up to bed. I went to turn Tim's bedside light off and I am greeted by this...
Tae curled up in his brother's bed. So I went in search for Tim.
Just about squeezed in to Tae's Junior bed, but he had thrown out all the soft toys to make room.
Since they were both sound asleep, I left them and headed off to bed myself! It will be interseting to see how this one develops.

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  1. This is so sweet! What a good big brother! :)