Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sunday Walk in Hardanger

Hardanger in Autumn is beautiful.
The leaves are turning golden and high on the mountains the snow has arrived.
It was a perfect day for a walk, so after a lazy brunch we headed off. Tae loved squelching through the mud, which kept him going nicely up the hill!
He did really well most of the way, but when it got very muddy and steep, he opted for his favourite form of transport.
Once at the top, Tae ran around and we carried on past an old farm, which is still in use today.
Even Tig enjoyed getting out and about!!
Off down the mountain again.
Sometimes, you just needs a helping hand.
Seriously, this walk had it all; cows, sheep, mountain, woodland and sea!!!
The boys had great fun skimming flat stones across the still fjord.
From this point, Tim and his friends O & D stayed and did some more skimming and we went further along.
Let's be honest a stick always helps when out for a walk:)
I was very impressed how well Tae managed the whole walk. Our friend G measured it as we went and it came to just over 5km. I guess Tae was carried maybe half a km and biscuits may have been involved in last half km back to our friends cabin;)


  1. what gorgeous lucky you are to be surrounded by such beauty!! looks like a lovely day.

  2. Gorgeous post - so are lucky to have this near you. I saw you ask on Susie's blog about waterproof winter coats...I can highly recommend the Merrell Wakefield. We've been talking about it on my Facebook page today - the weather has been AWFUL here! Avril xx
    PS here's the link