Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Sunday evening in our house Tim comes up to me and we have the following converstaion:
"Mummy, do you know that Korea has it own type of music?"
"Yes, do you know what it's called?"
"It's called K-Pop I think. It's really quite cool, do you want to listen to it?"

He then grabs his laptop and finds it for me.
"The one I really like is called PSY-Gangnamstyle. It has a really funky dance."

(music video from youtube)
He then proceeds to watch the video and do ALL the dance moves and sings along. He has already watched it 3 times apparently!

This song is seriously addictive (in our house anyway)
He is so on the ball to discovering anything about his brother's Korean culture to share with us all and importantly Tae. I remember when he was 8 and he researched what the South Korean flag looked like so he could make one for Tae's bedroom door (because apparently it was REALLY important that 8 month old Tae knew what it looks like, he also drew him a map of Korea).
....have I mentioned how much I love him:)

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