Sunday, 30 September 2012

Poetry by Tim

Tim  loves many things in life, writing is not one of them;)
His disdain for writing covers both Norwegain and English and has little to do with his ability.
Unfortunately having a teacher for a mother means he doesn't get a choice.
So at our weekly, warm, fuzzy, let's study English session I decided to tackle poetry.
What a surprise that turned into!
He is surprising good at analyzing a piece of text. He nailed the interpretation on the poem 'Upon a Snail' by John Bunyan (1628-88) - old English and all.
I think he actually enjoyed discussing 'The Eagle' by Tennyson too.
There is hope:))
So we moved onto producing a piece of poetry. I decided to keep it simple and combine teaching the concept of alliteration with poetry.
What surprised me the most is the wealth of his vocabulary (and 1 spelling mistake is not too shabby either;) - remember this is my Norwegain educated boy who only speaks English with his mummy!!
So here you go - short and sweet .....
Slinky snake
Stupidly stumbling
Spontaniusly slithering
Sleepy snake
Slowly slurping
Suddenly stopping.

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