Sunday, 16 September 2012

Football Cup 2012

On Saturday it was the annual interteam football cup at Tim's club.
Normally, Tig goes along to support Tim, but as I had not seen him play in a while I volunteered to take him and watch the games.
Big mistake!
Don't get me wrong I love watching and cheering as my boy runs around the field. I love hearing about his enthusiasm of a certain tackle or goal, but what I do not love is our local September weather!
It is soooo unpredicable. Some years for this cup it has been warm shorts and t-shirts weather, others cold and windy.
Today it was time for downpouring of rain.
In Norway (especially the west coast), there is an expression:
"There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!"
Hence, football training or matches never get cancelled due to weather. Tim has played in rain, snow, sleet, and storms. The only time I was really nervous was when I dropped him off for training and it was -13c outside. It felt so wrong, but I wrapped him up and sent him off like a good Norwegian!!
So back to the cup....
Tim and I hauled ourselves out of bed at 8am Saturday morning (so wrong;), I wrapped up in my fleece, rain trousers & jacket and walking boots ready to face a morning on the sidelines (I may have also stood with an umbrella too)!

Tim was actually excited and really does not even notice the rain.

As soon as the matches started and the coat came off he got soaked. It did not bother him at all. He still gave his all and did some good defending and attacking. He even set up a few goals.

After his three matches it was time for refreshments - strong coffee for mummy and a waffle with jam for Tim:)

He was soaked, but a very happy boy.

After a short break we headed inside to the auditorium for the presentation and medal ceremony.

When it was over we drove home. First on the list was a warm shower and change into dry clothes followed by a lovely cooked English breakfast/brunch.


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