Sunday, 25 November 2012

Swamp Boy or Boy Scout!

Tim had a blast today.
His Scout group had an activity day on top of a mountain in our city.
Tig took him into town early this morning and they took the Funicular to the top. They then walked the 10 minutes to the meeting place. Apparently it was 2c on the top! Tig left him there and went into town to brew beer with his friends. (photos sent from Tig's phone:)
After 5 hours on the mountain Tim came home COVERED in mud and wearing the BIGGEST smile ever.
Seriously, some of the activities did sound fun. Lots of team building exercises, treasure hunt, pulling yourself up a steep hill on a rope which had 'special' knots, and best of all, taking your boots and socks off so you can race through a swamp in high heals!!
Trust me, the smell of the swamp and woods certainly followed him home.
As I write, the washing machine is going full blast filled with muddy clothes and the bath is filled with two giggling boys:)

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