Sunday, 11 November 2012

Father's Day

Today we celebrated Father's Day!!
There may be some hero worship going on in our house regarding a certain Pappa.
To be fair, he does a pretty great job.


The expression 'hands on dad' has always been a strange one for me. Guess I've been lucky, in our house parenting is a 50 - 50 deal.
Beginning with night time wake ups, changing nappies (OK I did tend to do more of those - but only because I am a nice person), doctor or dentist appointments, homework, driving around, school conferences, shows or sport events. We take turns or do it together.
When it comes to taking the day off to be with a sick child, Tig might actually beat me on this one:o
(However, on a recent school planning day when he was home all day with both the boys, I think he was extra happy when I came home. My favourite comment was that Tae would not let him out of his sight and even followed him to the bathroom - welcome to my world:))

He loves his boys and his boys love and adore him!

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  1. This is a lovely post - though I was at first confused about your calling 11th November Father's Day as that is celebrated in June in the UK. But then I looked at your profile and find that you live in Norway.

    11th November is an important date in the UK as it is the anniversay of the WWI Armistice Day and the Remembrance Day ceremonies with a two minute silence and wreath laying are held on the nearest Sunday - which happened to coincide this year.

    What a happy family you have with your two handsome boys.