Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Oops .... ouch

Last weekend, Tig and I attended the wedding of the gorgeous Tammy and Thomas.
The church service was beautiful and a perfect match of American (Tammy), and Norwegian (Thomas) traditions.
The evening party was fun, catching up and chatting to friends, eating lots of delicious cakes and listening and dancing to great music.
All went well until 12:45!!
Now, here is the public health warning:
Do not dance to Gangnam style in high heals!
I repeat.....
Do NOT dance to Gangnam style in high heals!
Especially if said heals have leather soles.

So, at 1am after twisting my ankle badly (while doing a great version of hopping and lassoing I may add) I ended up at A&E.  The x-ray machines were not in comission during the night and since they could not rule out a break I had to go back the next day:(
So, here I am 3 days later. Ankle strapped and on complete rest. Under the bandage my ankle resembles the side of a tennis ball and it is starting to go a lovely shade of blue.

Happy it was not broken, but still badly sprained/torn.
I can't put any weight on it at all (unless you want to see a grown women cry), but the pain meds are helping. My new mode of transport is an attractive set of crutches with the gentle hop, bum shuffle or a knee crawl technique thrown in.

Before this, I had not really realised how often in the course of an evening I get up of the sofa to do things. You know the normal mum activities.... go to basement to put washing on, back an hour later to take out and hang up, pack the kids bags, fold clothes, put them away, tidy up toys, cook dinner, straighten the hallway, take Tae to the bathroom, all bedtime routines, make a cup of tea, grab a snack, go to the bathroom, +,+, etc, etc... 
Seriously, given the pain and effort to just go to the bathroom, something has to be seriously needed before I can do it now. It also really makes me realise how much I took for granted before. Obvioulsy Tig and Tim are a great help and Tae is doing his bit too.
So all wishes for a quick recover welcome. Being stuck on the sofa is starting to drive me crazy and poor Tig is running around trying to do everything I do (including drop off and pick up at daycare)!
Hopefuly in a day or two I will be able to put some weight on my foot and be more mobile, until then I am building up muscles in places I did not know I had, especially whilst navigating the stairs to get to bed;)

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  1. sending lots of hugs and hoping you get better soon xx