Friday, 2 November 2012

My All Rounder

This week we had Tim's Parent Conference at school. His teacher (who he had last year too and we think is fabulous) has gained a promotion to be deputy and had scheduled a final conference to introduce us to the new teacher and give a final summary of my boy!
Tim's class has been seriously messed around in regard to swapping in and out of class teachers. He has only experienced ONE year without the disruption of more than one teacher during the last 6 years. (He says he has had over 15 teachers) There have been many reason, but it's been very unfortunate. He attends a good school who always get results above the national average.
Regardless of this, Tim has always done well at school.
His teacher was vey candid during this conference and wanted to give everyone present a clear picture of his appraisal of Tim.
 Tim may not have the highest concentration levels or be the fasted worker. He may also have plenty of personality, appreciate a joke and chat at times, but he consistently does just enough to get the grade HE wants.
Across every subject he is placed between 1st and 5th place in his class.
Yay ..... phew!
Not too bad at all - although more effort would give even better results apparently!!
But, the area that his teacher is most impressed is regarding sport.
Apparently, he is amazing in all the diciplines that they do. Not just good at them all, but unbelievably good across the board - whether it is volleyball, basketball, dodgeball or baseball!
His teacher is very sport oriented and he implied he had not seen this before at this level:)
We know he has always had great motor skills and picks up new sports easily, but it was interesting to hear it from someone else.
Very proud parents:)
and I finally got a smile out of him too.....


  1. Great work Tim!!! And love the pictures..especially the one where you are smiling! :)

  2. Well done Tim, we have my daughters parents evening next week i hope she does as well as Tim has x