Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Birthday Time

I usually make a big thing about birthdays in our house.
I think it is exciting to take the time and just focus on one family member and their special day.
This has obviously rubbed off on my boys!
Today is my birthday.
I may make a big thing about their birthdays, but I prefer a low key event for myself.....
that was until Tim took over this year:)
He did quite a bit of organising.  He always chooses his own presents for Tig and I. Often with quite... hmm.. interesting results. I still love the ladybird bowl (complete with little feet) that he chose for my birthday when he was 4 years old (the spatula was another classic).
Presents were wrapped and cakes (yes, plural) were baked.
This morning Tim set his alarm to go off before mine. I was awoken as he entered our room singing happy birthday with a muffin complete with a lit candle!
Tae has recently began to understand about birthdays. They are basically 3 things; presents, cake and a birthday crown (norwegian nursery tradition). So, we started the morning in a huge pile in my bed, with him insisting mummy needed a crown!  I also heard Tim in the kitchen saying "Tae if you want cake you HAVE to write the card for mummy first" lol.
This evening we had dinner, opened presents and ate cake . Tim obliged Tae and made me a crown!
I vote every mummy should get to wear a crown on their birthday.
I had a great day and recieved lots of lovely gifts; clothes, chocolates, jewlery and tickets to see Bon Jovi in concert next May :)))
Tim had picked out a Pandora bead. A little dog in a doghouse which had a heart on the back - one to treasure in the future;)

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