Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday Walk

We love going for walks at the weekend - well I do and I convince the rest of the household they do too!

From our doorstep there are a number of options we have.

Today was glorious! Blue skies and a crisp -1c.

Tim has a new bike and wanted to try it out. On the basis that Tim was taking his bike, Tae insisted on having his scooter (any chance he gets he wants to copy his brother;)

So we decided on a quick walk around the nearest lake to feed the ducks.

It was quite tricky walking on some parts as there was quite a bit of ice and it was very slippy:) Good job Tim's new bike has fancy pants disc brakes!

Tae chose to walk and slide down the hill!

Tae loves the ducks and especially enjoys shouting and pointing to them where the food is!

Meanwhile Tim tried to see how thick the ice was by trying to break it with heavy rocks.

It was quite cold - so it was good to head back and warm up on some yummy hot chocolate:)

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