Sunday, 15 January 2012

Putting on Pants!!

Tae CAN be very independant,
He can do most things without help.

However, there is a but...

It comes down to choice and if he want to!

He is very good at looking up with those big brown eyes and saying 'help peas'.

An example is the weekly slide shows we recieve from his daycare. They include photos of all the activities and trips they go on. Everytime there is a trip photo, there is a pattern. While the other children are walking - there is my Tae on someones hip!! He could out walk most of them, but as he is the youngest, he is seen as the baby of the group and treated as such.

Trust me I've been encouraging him to take off his coat and hang it up, etc for months and have been met with with very little enthusiasm or cooperation.

Suddenly, he has shifted his perspective and now wants to do EVERYTHING himself - no help allowed.

Yay - maybe it was the magic of turning 3 that did it!!

This includes getting dressed:)

No practice, one day decided to put his PJ's on with no help and did a great job:)

Here is to the way forward - we do like independance in this house;)

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