Sunday, 8 January 2012

Juletre Fest / Christmas Tree Party

Today we went to a Christmas Tree party organised by Tae's Nursery!

It is a very strange concept for me. It is part of Norwegian tradition and thousands of people over the whole land would have been celebrating along with us!! I asked Tig why it is celebrated and he doesnt know! (anyone who does please tell me or I will have to google it!)

Basically, my perspective is that it is similar to a Christmas party - you wear nice clothes, there is something to eat and lots of cakes.

The children let off steam, play and hangout!

When everyone has eaten and relaxed, you stand in 2 large circles around the Christmas tree and sing four traditional children's Christmas songs that are mainly to do with Nisse. I went with Tae as Tig and Tim watched (apparently, it is not cool for a 10 yr old to sing around a Christmas tree. He filmed us on his ipod instead;)

After the songs, Julenisse appeared for the last time before next Christmas and gives each child a small gift, usually a bag of sweeties (apparently, it is OK for a 10 year old to go to Nisse and get sweeties;)  Tae was quite frightened of Julenisse today and jumped quickly on my knee and insisted he stay there. I managed to have him hold my hand and walk over to Nisse to collect his sweeties.

It is fun way to finish Christmas and begin a new year!

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