Friday, 27 January 2012

First Dentist Visit

Mr Tae had his first dentist visit this week.

We have been training him to open wide and say 'aarrhhhh'!!

He could do it perfectly.

So off we went. Tig and I both accompanied him for his first. (thereafter its Tig's job - fyi, I hate dentists)

He was very happy waiting to go in!

The dentist was lovely. He sat down in the big chair and she showed him the light, how the chair went up and down and the mirror she would use to look at his teeth.

Tae was very chatty with her throughout this process. Nothing to do with his teeth, but the fact the dentist office is next to the harbour and there are boats in the harbour and he wanted to go and look at the boats;)

This was emphasised further when the chair was raised as he kept trying to look out the window!

So after lots of looking at things and chatting came the time to actually look his teeth.

It started very promising. His sat back and made the sound "aarrhhh" Yay!!!

But then as soon as she put the mirror in, he bit down on it and closed his mouth... erm, forgot the training on keeping the mouth open ALL the time.

He just sat there, teeth gripped together, looking at her with his 'look'. She asked him a few times to open up so she could look at his teeth. No go, he was not upset at all, just looked at her with the 'why would I want to do that' expression.

 She may at this point have mentioned "he is rather stubborn/determined isnt he?" Ermm just a bit!!

With a lot of coaching (OK, head holding;) she managed to check out his teeth.

Although he was not his most cooperative, there was no tantrums screaming or tears and she did get to glance at his teeth enough to state that they all seem absolutely fine.

He even got to choose a toy car as a treat from her drawer.

I therefore deem this first trip a success and will happily leave all the rest to Tig:))

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  1. He’s so cute! It doesn’t matter if he’s cooperative or very passive. What matters was no tears and tantrums that occurred all throughout the session. It doesn't look look like he was bothered with the idea of someone checking and poking inside his mouth, no matter how uncomfortable that might be. I hope that attitude towards dental checkup will remain in the years to come. Good day!

    Kenny Green @ Anchorage Healthy Smile