Friday, 27 January 2012

First School Disco!!

Tim was very excited today. He put music on his laptop and hummed around the living room after school.

Tonight is his FIRST school disco.

Where did my baby go???

Even though he was excited, he still tried to be cool about it;)  When asked if he thought he'd dance to the song in question, I was met with a quick and very serious 'Im not dancing tonight'! (fyi- he loves dancing;)

I suggested he might want to wear his new blue shirt. No - he wanted his old favourite purple check one.

Then we get to the hair. He couldn't locate his hair wax. I diverted a crisis by convincing him that Pappa's hair gel would be just as good. He had already refused the offer of my hair wax with the statement that 'it smells like old ladies' :0  EXCUSE me, it was lavander!! Luckily Im not easily offended, lol!

So, dressed, hair spiked, he was ready to go....

Lock up your daughters - My little boy is growing up!

He had a BLAST - he came home beaming and very hot. Apparently he danced to OVER 20 songs.

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