Saturday, 14 January 2012

Raising Boys

Some may say that being a mother to boys can have its down side - toilet seats, the smell of wet football boots anyone???

However, the plus side reaches so close to the stars that the small things are often swiftly forgotton.

I LOVE being a mum to boys and never wished for anything else:))

But I do get to raise these gorgeous two;)

Today I had a couple of reminders what a blessing boys truely are.

Step forward TIM.

Today he has been an absolute star.

He dutifully found airplanes on the ipad for his brother to watch this morning allowing a certain mother a lie in:)

We arrived at the shops to discover a screw in our front tyre. He loved helping Tig change it whilst I went off (with Tae) and bought myself a new swimming costume;)

Then once home I really wanted a fire. So above mentioned son helped to fetch the wood from the basement, built and then lit a fire for his mother.

Just in case you thought I may be a little sexist with the roles he has played today, dont worry, after lighting the fire, he went into the kitchen to help Tig make fresh cheese bread rolls and then plaited a loaf of bread ready for the oven!!

Lest not I forget the other male in my house. After Tig finished baking the fresh bread, he cooked me dinner. An Aberdeen Angus steak cooked to perfection and served with a fabulous red wine - Amarone 2006.

Life is good:)

Raising boys is the best!

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