Saturday, 2 June 2012

Start of a long weekend

Last weekend we headed off to stay with our friends at their cabin in Hardanger.

It was a gorgeous summers evening; beautiful scenery, blue skies, complete silence (apart from the giggles coming from Tim & Tae) and a cold beer. Perfect to hang out on the quay waiting to be collected and transported to the Island.

The boys had so much fun, skimming (Tim) and throwing (Tae) stones into the fjord. They then spent forever climbing up on to a big rock and jumping down together. Each time they did, Tae in a fit of giggles would say 'again Tim, again'.

Then it was time for a game of chase. Tim is the biggest tease, but both boys love it!

The time flew by and then our ride cruised in and it was time to load up and begin a long weekend of fun:)

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