Thursday, 21 June 2012

End of Year Class BBQ for 5B

Tim had his end of year class party this week.

All the parents and students met up at a local area for a pot luck and bbq.

Once everyone had arrived we food and ate the scrummy side orders provided!

While the parents relaxed and caught up the children ran around the field playing football and practising slåball (a Norwegian version of baseball).

Tae had great fun with when he realised how to work the water pump!

Most of the time Tim was off playing with his friends so I didnt manage to capture too many pictures of him!

A girl in Tim's class has a pet goat! She brought it along to the party as if it were a dog!

Tae thought it was fabulous and spent quite a bit of time playing and running around after her. He also got to give her a bottle:)

Then it was the time that everyone had been waiting for........

The annual Slåball match between students and parents!!!

It is always great fun. This year Tim's teacher was there and made us all play by the rules (well loosly). However, I still am a little unsure about them and this is the 5th year we have had the competition.

In the end the students were the victors!! In fairness they play EVERY break time at school during the summer term. The final score was quite close - well maybe not ...... 31-9!

I would also like to document that my OWN son caught me out with one hand - where is family loyalty when you need it!!

A great end to a very successful school year:)


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