Saturday, 2 June 2012

Fjell & Fjord Fun

I love our friends cabin. It is in an amazing position. They have the best of both the mountains and the fjords.

This means that the children are either off running through meadows, exploring the woods, swinging off rope swings, visiting the local farmers, fishing, jumping off the quay or back of a boat, rowing a dingy or swimming in the fjord.

That is quite a lot to squeeze in, yet they manage to achieve all of the above everytime we are there (even in Feb & April when the water is freezing - wetsuits are a great invention).

There is usually a number of boat trips. Either across the fjord to the local village or to visit friends and family in nearby cabins.

As per usual Tae normally drops off to sleep after five minutes on the boat!

However, he soon wakes up when the boat stops and there is fun to be had.

I love how he is a little cautious. He likes to observe and watch what is going on before going full force and joining in. He took a while watching his brother and friends have fun in the water before he was ready to strip off and join them.

Tim thought it was great fun jumping off the end of the boat and swimming with the dogs!
They swam in 3 or 4 different areas in the fjord. It was very popular when other boats passed by because they provided gentle waves. No wave machine needed here!
All the swimming is hard work and every now and again it was time to come into land and rest for a while.

That would be before putting on the life vests again and going out in the row boat. Tim loved the row boat. He tried rowing a bit before letting his friend O take over as, O was a bit of an expert! They spent quite a bit of time in the little boat and did some fishing from it too.

Tae spent most of his time pottering around on the quay. He ventured into the water every now and then by dipping his toes in and when he was feeling very brave he went in over his knees! Most of the time he enjoyed just looking down at the fish swimming around.

and the adults.....

We just supervised, hung out, relaxed, read a little, chatted a little, drank some bubbles and ate great food:)

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