Sunday, 24 June 2012

Football Roundup

Tim has continued to LOVE playing football all season.  He happily turns up to each practise and gives 100% each time.

He had a great time attending a big weekend cup on the other side of country a few weeks ago. They travelled 7 hours each way in the car to attend. That is true committment

His team has had a good season so far and have really pulled together to play as a unit, passing and being stratigic with the ball. It is really quite fun to watch them now as they do all the little tricks  as they defend, attack and pass the ball around. Don't be fooled I still only have a general idea of the rules, but I still enjoy watching,

Tim has been moving away from wanting to be in goals recently. Previously he spent half of each game in goal. He now likes to be more in the action running around and setting up or scoring goals. The team has 2 other players who like to go in goal so it is OK.

His trainer continues to encourage him to take a turn in goal every few games. The fact that he is seen as a pretty good goalie may have something to do with it. He also has a deal with the trainer. If at half time he is asked to go in goal, Tim has to do it.

I was very surprised when straight away at the last match he pulled on the goalie top. He has not began a match in goals for a long time, he did a fabulous job and took some amazing saves. I had no idea he was that good. Also when he has the ball, he always seems to kick it out to the right player which is usually half way across the pitch.

Tim was especially excited during this match as he had been asked by the trainer to be the captain. He took his role seriously and did a good job at directing the team on the pitch.

Tim was very proud and really deserved the captain role that day!

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