Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Father's Day Dad!

Today it is Fathers Day in the UK.

So this post is dedicated to my dad.

I'm not too good at getting cards in the post, but it doesn't stop me thinking or loving you dad!

You quietly get on with everything in your own time, at your own pace and never before you have finished your cup of tea!

I don't think I've EVER heard you raise your voice or serioulsy loose your temper (you obviously did not pass that trait onto me or your piercing blue eyes ... sigh;).

You are adored by all of you grandchildren ..... and lets be honest, they could not manage without you driving around and helping them out when needed (that includes you too Nana).

You are always there for cuddles and tickles.

Years of being dominated by living with a house full of females, even the dog, J and I certainly evened the score by providing you with plenty of grandsons.

Thank you for always being there and teaching me key life skills  -  who else could have taught me how to make the best fried egg toasted sandwich!

Hope you have a wonderful Fathers Day. Enjoy a pint in the pub tonight and the boys and I can't wait to see you soon this summer.

There may even be some raspberry ruffles involved!

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