Monday, 14 November 2011

Tae discovers console games!

Ok, Tae is already an iPad addict. He can navigate it better than I can. He watches his favourite films and plays simple games on it.

However, this weekend Tig and Tim introduced him to the Wii (or willy as he call it - oops;)

Obviously he doesn't really play for long. He waves the remote in front of the screen enthusiastically, copies what the others are doing, then stands happily watching Tig and Tim play his game.

He also sits on the sofa with the spare remote and swings it side to side saying 'Tae help daddy'. A very happy boy:) He enjoys pretending to hit the nails in;)

I just sit back and watch bemused as Tig and Tim enthusiastically play the game Bob the Builder!

Of course they are only doing it for Tae;)

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