Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Playroom

We have a small playroom that leads off our livingroom. Its not very big (as in tiny), but it keeps all the clutter away from the rest of the house or that is my goal;)

I dream of it being my escape bolt in years to come. Pale painted walls, a big comfy chair, small side table, soft lighting and either a steaming cup of tea or chilled glass of wine ... hmmm one day!

Until that day it will continue to be a playroom.

However, today the word dump room may have been more appropriate.

There were toys and books everywhere and you could hardly see the floor. 

I asked Tim if he could help and tidy it up for me. In fairness he no longer has his things in there (far too risky with a 2 year old brother), but, he is pretty good at doing most jobs when asked.

He stood right up and went into the room, it was funny to hear him as he was tidying away:)

"The indignity of having to tidy Tae's playroom" (said jokingly)

As Tae walked in and began finding toys "Well, he's helping - Not! You know I'm being sarcastic, he is of no use at all."

"I'm looking forward until Tae is old enough to to this job, up until then, I'll just have to do it." (said in an accepting tone)

"Done!! - Are you going to check it?"

"Not a bad job, even if I say so myself"

and I agree!!

As I went into check, Tae was already there scoping out how to cause distruction again!
Tim cracks me up with his humour, but he really has a heart of gold - if you catch him on the right day;)

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