Sunday, 13 November 2011

Bubbles for grown ups

Someone in our house turned 40 recently!!
They were very lucky to be whisked away to Scotland for the weekend by their husband and fabulous friends.

Our friend GB also celebrated his 50th Birthday.

A limo picked us up from the airport and drove us to meet another great friend for a super international lunch including a significant amount of champagne:) Thanks AM.

Dinner Friday night was a unique experience. We dined at Malmaison and had the chef's table which had a huge glass window next to the kitchen and a TV showing the chefs at work.

The food was delicious and steak was definitely on the menu. Mine was 400g and Tig's was 700g!!!! Of course we began the evening with champagne before enjoying a wonderful red. I know my buddy IB will know the name of the steak and wine, but I'm hopeless at remembering the details, but will not forget the taste.

After a day and night spent in the city we travelled on Saturday to Gleneagles.

Time was spent relaxing and taking on country past times including a gentle walk and jacuzzi time.

The menfolk went off to a whiskey distillery, whilst the ladies indulged in a champagne high tea (can you see the pattern of bubbles being consumed;)

In the evening we ate at the 2 star Michelin Andrew Fairley restaurant. (For the details of the 9 course food and wine menu I will wait until the amazing IB writes it up on her food blog and link it here)

We had a fabulous night and needless to say it began and ended with bubbles.

We checked out on Sunday and spent the afternoon enjoying the Scottish scenery of castles and a small seaside town before catching our flight home.

A special thank you to my wonderful MIL who came to visit and looked after Tim and Tae whilst we were away.

They both love Farmor, as I explained to Tae that we were going away and he was staying with Farmor, who bakes amazing cakes and supplies endless ice lollies, my sweet little mummy's boy ran grabbed Farmors hand and shouted "bye bye mummy!!!"
Where is loyalty these days.

So.... I survived turning 40 and to be honest, I quite like it.

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  1. Wow, what a wonderful way to celebrate turning 40!! How lucky that your boys love their grandmother so much and enjoy her company, they will always remember those memories:) Scotland looks gorgeous!! Happy Birthday:)