Monday, 28 November 2011

Supermarket Sweep - Tae Style

Why did we think shopping on a Friday evening, whilst Tim was at youth club was a good idea??

If it's at my level that means I can put it in the trolley- right?

After insisting he would not sit in the trolley, but hold mummy's hand, he changed his mind and wanted to push!

That was until he found some sweeties:)

 Hmmm, more things at my level:)

After a warning not to touch, back to holding onto the trolley.

Until he found his favourite smoothie drink.

Then quickly distracted by the CandyMan selection.

As a finale, he tried his luck by asking for an ice lolly!! It is November and freezing outside!

To his credit we survived without having to bribe him or force him into the trolley seat. There were no tears or tantrums, but the food bill did seem quite a bit higher than usual;)

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