Sunday, 19 June 2011

What is Tae saying???

Tae is a GREAT communicator. Everyone comments on it, from the workers at his nursery, my hairdresser to his grandmothers. He has been this way since a baby.

Please note I said communicator and not articulate speaker;)

Tae is the worlds best at getting his meaning across without uttering a word!!

At times, talking at 100 miles per hour, with words blending together, arms waving around, eye brows raised, head nodding, arm pulling and pointing. He will happily 'chat' away with anyone for a good five minutes!

Don't get me wrong, according to our health visitor and his nursery teacher his language skills are on target for his age, but Tae speaks what he wants, when he wants.

I KNOW he can speak English just fine, but HE chooses to speak Norwegian 80% of the time, This is absolutely fine for me! Lets be honest, he has had three languages under the age of one and he lives in Norway. I have ticked off all the words in English he can say in the correct context on the 'list' for 2 year olds and he has said most of them.

He completely understands what is said in both Norwegian and English. Whether he chooses to act upon it is another story... 

What amuses me most, is that he is consistent in English in areas that are important to him.
For example, asking questions like :
Mummy can I sit in car?
Where is Bieser mummy? (name he calls Tim)
Tae have a yogurt?
Can I have Ipad mummy?
Can I go read in (my) room?
Can I sit on train?
Other key clearly pronounced English words - car, train, digger ,bicycle (point in case the boy says bicycle clearly!), kiss, sweeties, lollipop, book, read, dog, horsey, help, no & yes!

Can you see a pattern??

He also says some things that are not so correct, but very cute. These are the words we know, but those who dont know him well, may not fully understand!

Cuggle (cuddle)
uv you (love you)
car ful (careful)
worrrter (water)
guffa (gruffalo)
oops saysies (oops a daisy)
a p tea (cup of tea)
Copter (helicopter)
Bieser (his nickname for Tim - yes, who knows where that came from??!)

THE best way Tae has always communicated is through his eyes. Those beautiful soulful brown eyes.

  They are so expressive when he looks straight at you while explaining something in such detail you dont need words to get his enthusiasm or meaning.

But at the end of the day, who cares what he is saying when he looks right at me, my heart melts anyway!

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