Thursday, 23 June 2011

Fishy Fun!!

Today the boys and I headed out to the Aquarium in town to meet up with some friends.

Tim already has an annual card. Usually this is where Tig takes the boys for fun days out! Since I'm the only member of my family without the yearly card, I bit the bullet and got one today.
Going by the enthusiasm and fun the boys had, I suspect there will be a lot more trips here this year.

As Aquariums go, it is quite a good one. From the penguins, seals, monkeys, snakes, sharks and numerous huge fish tanks there is certainly lots to see.

I think I can safely say Tae was in heaven with ALL the fish and water to look at, he certainly loved the koi fish and had to be pulled away from the tank a few times!

Tim's favourite part was the monkeys .... erm yes the Aquarium has one area with tiny monkeys, I don't quite get that either, but they were cute.

For me, the best part of the day was watching all the children having a great time, catching up with lovely friends and the cappacino that was served in the cafe;)

On our way out we went through the gift shop. The children asked if they could buy a little something. You would think they would choose a little cuddly penguin or a fish pencil, but no, here is their choice.......

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