Saturday, 4 June 2011

Tim's New Longboard

Tim decided he wanted a longboard (this is basically a new trendy longer version than a skateboard!). I told him to put it on his birthday wish list and see what happens. It is after all only 2 weeks to wait. However, apparently 2 weeks in the life of a 9 year old is waaaay tooooo loooong.

He therefore decided to put his saved up pocket money towards it and raise the rest of the funds himself. His plan was to do as many jobs as possible around the house and wow, did he work. He collected mail, took out rubbish, put the winter clothes away in the attic, tidied his room and the playroom and cleaned the car. Tig's favourite was getting up on Sunday morning and babysitting his brother so we could have a lie in (he had to promise both had a decent breakfast too;) Mine was when he started to sell kisses at 1kr each;)

By Sunday night he was still a little short, but since he had worked hard all weekend I advanced him 3 weeks pocket money and he was good to go. He had been surfing the internet and comparing prices aswell to get the best deal.

So we now have a very happy boy in the house who is making his mother very nervous with the speed and tricks he is trying to do.

Whizzing down the street!

Doing some tricks

Very happy at how much he has learnt

Yep, to be the best you have to take some falls along the way. I think it hurt me more than him!! 

He still LOVES his long board!

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