Monday, 13 June 2011

Tae's Hanbok

A hanbok is the national costume of South Korea. It is made up of wonderful vibrant colours. It is tradition that children wear their hanbok on their first birthday (Tol). This is considered a big event.

Tae recieved his hanbok as one of the precious gifts from his foster mother. The amazing lady who cared for him before he joined our family.

Tae wore his handbok on his first birthday.

Tae is petite, but hanboks do come in generous sizes! When he wore it as a one year old, we had to roll the sleeves up and the trousers came right up under his armpits (seriously!).

Traditionally there is a special ceremony that takes place at Korean first birthday parties. The child chooses an object to predict their future career or interests. From a range of objects that included a book, needle and thread, bow and arrow and a ball Tae chose the money!! Yes, his Pappa was very proud.

Here is our little munchkin wearing in his hanbok on his first birthday.

Oh my.... I loved those chubby cheeks!
.......and here he is 2 and a half years old, and it finally fits (well nearly).

After his birthday I didn't want to just hang it in a wardrobe or place it in a memory box. I wanted to do something special with it. To let Tae know that we value his birth heritage and to keep it safe for him in the future. It is significant on so many levels. 

After a few dicussions and over one year later, Tig found a deep picture frame which we feel is perfect.

It is now hanging on the wall in his bedroom and today Tae pointed to it and said 'hanbok mummy'!!!

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