Monday, 6 June 2011

Beach Time!

Summer has continued to be missing in action in our part of the world. It has either been cold, wet or windy or a mixture of all three. Every now and then over the last few weeks the sun has appeared, the clouds have separated and the blue sky has peeked through to remind me what it is that I love about living in Norway.

Last Saturday was a perfect example. After a considerable amount of rain the clouds broke. It was a long weekend so we had travelled to visit my MIL. There is the MOST amazing beach just a 10 minute drive from her house. We try to take the boys there every opportunity we can. So as the blue skies appeared off we went.

Once out of the car, Tae stood looking at the vast white sand with the ocean in the distance and nearly exploded with joy!!

Where there is space and Tim, there is usually a football;) He had lots of fun with Tig while I tried (note the word tried) to keep Tae out of too much mischeif in the water.

Tim held on tight to stop Tae running right into the ocean fully dressed - the boy LOVES water.

Splashing in the stream that goes down to the ocean. We had bucket and spades but they were not even an option with water on offer. I think his face sums up his happiness!

Tim needed to take off his shoes to join Tae in the stream. How did he get to look so grown up??

Follow the leader, which ended up being chase then onto catch me if you can...

(yes, Tae's boots were filled with water! Oh well you are only 2 once!)

Splish, splash - after this photo Tae fell flat!!!

Due to Tae falling a number of times into the water (read - lying in the water giggling) we thought it was best to head home- Though it was sunny the water was quite cold, so off we went back to MIL's house. We had a short, but fun filled time on the beach and can't wait until our next visit.

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  1. oh my gosh, such an amazing beach..beautiful pictures..your boys are growing up in such a beautiful part of the world...I hope summer arrives for good soon!!