Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Sailing Away

After arriving home at 23.30 on Good Friday, we unpacked, slept, woke up, had breakfast, repacked and were on the road again by 11.30 to spend the Easter weekend with our gorgeous friends I & G (otherwise known as the 'Lovely Ones - a long story for another time;)

They have a wonderful cabin in Hardanger that can only be reached by boat. We drove for one and half hours from our home and they came and picked us up from the dock. We then travelled the remaining 30 minutes by boat. It was a lovely sunny day and we all enjoyed the boat trip over to the island. Hmmm, that would be apart from Tae who fell fast asleep 5 minutes into the trip. Bless him, he'd had a rather late night and the boy does need his sleep!!!

The view from the cabin after we arrived.
All the fun we had there is coming up in the  next blog:)

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  1. Thank you for coming!! I LOVE your company;)