Saturday, 28 May 2011

Farm Visit

Today we attended an annual Farm Day event organised by the three adoption agencies in Norway. People from all across our region were invited to attend. It gave us an opportunity to meet new people and have a fun family day out. Both boys love animals so they were looking forward to a day at the farm with a BBQ picnic for lunch.

We are having crazy weather at the moment. The last weekend in May should be heading towards the summer, but instead it was very cold and wet:(

This did not 'damper' our spirits, however, I think perhaps Tae and I were the only ones excited about the thought of a day out in the rain in full raingear. Remember Tae's love of water!!  (for those who know us well, I will let you guess Tig's thoughts on this).

Once we arrived we headed straight to check out the chickens. (hmm, yes I know there are ducks in the coop???) 

It was a nice surprise to bump into a family that Tae and I had previously met at a Mums and Tots group earlier this year. The little boy behind Tae (above) was adopted from Korea too and is 1 day younger than him. We are hoping to plan a playdate soon:)

Tim was not loving having to wear his raingear!

He soon cheered up when the rain stopped (for a moment) and he went with Tig into the woods to find some sticks to grill the sausages on.

Nothing beats grilling food from a stick over a real fire.

It was nice and warm in the 'lavo' with seats all around the fire.

Back out into the rain to explore and find some more animals. It was seriously raining now!!

Horse riding time!!!!
This was the first time Tae had been close enough to a horse to stroke and talk to it. He loved it and kept saying 'horsey, horsey, look mummy horsey!' 

Tim has previously had horse riding lessons and can ride quite well on his own. Today he was led by the staff but still enjoyed it.

I was surprised that Tae was not scared at all when it was his turn to get on the horse. He keep chuckling to himself all excited. Once I placed him on the horse he kept a good grip onto my hand and did not let go all the way along the path. He had a very serious look on his face the whole time with the odd smile peeking through. When it was over, he quickly said 'more mummy, again!!' 

We will have to go back and visit again when the weather is being kinder.

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