Saturday, 21 May 2011

More 17th May Fun

As Tim explained in his post, the 17th May is a big event in our house. This year we celebrated slightly differently as we didn't go into the town centre for breakfast and the big parade.

It was lovely not to have to set the alarm and get out the house all dressed up so early. Instead we had a a special long breakfast with just the 4 of us followed by a fabulous lazy morning in PJ's.

The plan was to head to the funfair after Tae's midday nap. Well, the nap didn't really happen. After putting him down, the sounds coming through the baby monitor were very cute. A little talking to his toys, singing, then after 20mins 'mummy' started being called out. He has seriously only ever missed his naptime less than 5 times in 2 years!!

So we gave up, finished getting dressed up and went off to the funfair.....

Tae LOVES Fire Engines or BeeBoo's as he calls them. He thought it was very cool to drive one. He was a little hesitant to go alone so Tim agreed to ride with him.

 Bless him:) Brother love to the extreme. You have no idea how small the space was inside the truck. Initially I said I'd go on the ride with Tae then laughed as I realised my leg wouldn't even get in there never mind the rest of me. Tim managed to squeeze in, but it was very cozy!

 But, he still enjoyed himself too;)

 Candy Floss time!!

 Tim decided to go on the scary swing high in the air ride!! He was excited and 'just a little bit' nervous;)

 I can't believe he enjoyed this ride! Loved it so much, he went on it twice. He also had his hands in the air and not holding on after the initial fear was gone.

 Now this is more my pace of ride - Tae felt brave enough to go it alone. Since he likes trains we suggested he sit in the train, but no he very firmly chose this lovely pink lorry!

 He enjoyed himself so much waving to everyone who passed and yelling 'Hi'. He loved pressing the horn and pretending to drive that he refused to get off. So, since it was 17th May we let him have 2 goes around!!
After the funfair we headed back to celebrate at Tim's school. My 3 boys joined the parade (Tig and Tae walked with his nursery group) that went from our local church and marched to the school playgound where there were speeches, games, ice creams and cakes on offer.

A busy, but very fun day!!

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