Sunday, 1 May 2011

Coming through - a boy and his Gruffalo

"Oh help! Oh no!
It's a Gruffalo"
"My favourite food!" the Gruffalo said.
"You'll taste good on a slice of bread!"
"Good?" said the mouse. "Don't call me good!
I'm the scariest creature in this wood.
Just walk behind me and soon you'll seee,
Everyone is afraid of me."
"All right," said the Gruffalso, bursting with laughter.
"You go ahead and I'll follow after."

Somebody loves their new Gruffalo travel case. The purpose of it is a sit and ride, but someone decided it was far too much fun to pull it along themselves!

I wish to apologise to all the other passangers passing through Schipol Airport Good Friday who may have been run down by a certain boy and his Gruffalo;)

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