Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Life as we know it!

The other day I was randomly snapping photos of everyday life in our house. Catching moments here and there. I realised I really enjoy just capturing life as it really is. Nothing extraordinary just our day to day. Of course I do like to capture special times and events too - just ask my men as they huff and puff as I take 'just one' more photo;),  I feel it is also important to record our family life on the downlow when nothing is happening but life as we live it. So here are a few moments that I've captured over the last 6 months;)

Hanging out on the sofa with Pappa

Board games on a quiet afternoon

Cake making and spoon licking

Getting ready for bed with help from big brother

Writing a shopping list - look at Mr Tae getting up to mischief in the background (only noted after photo was taken;)

Cuddles with mummy - note the water from above mischief on the jumper;)

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