Thursday, 2 October 2014

Thursday Thoughts - Sleep

Sleep - a simple concept.

Tiredness - a relative term.

These are things I never really thought much about. Since my teenager years I have always had times where I have expereinced insomnia or tiredness, but it usually goes over.

For the last year I survived on roughly 4 hours sleep a night - but, I was not really tired. Worn out, but not tired. There is a difference. 

I can say that the last year looking after my 2 boys on my own, working and dealing with my (and their) grief has been the most energy draining, juggling experience ever - no words can explain it -  to provide perspective, for me having a new born or comforting a newly adopted baby was a walk in the park to the last year! (and I do not make those statements lightly)

Since the new school year has started I have been tired. I am sleeping a little better, but off and on during the night and not my 'solid' previous 4 hours.

I caught up a little when I was sick a few weeks ago and I slept for 24 hours straight! Big thanks to I & G who looked after my boys.

I know when I am tired, but I do not quite realise how tired I actually am until I catch up. The other week on my day off I knew I needed to just sleep. (in fairness, even I saw that no amount of make up was helping;) So I got the boys to school, went home and crawled into bed. I was flat out and didn't wake until noon:0

The difference the catch up sleep made was amazing. It was only afterwards I could really realised how worn out I had been.

I have also had a chance to recharge my batteries further by enjoying last weekend on my own with friends in London:)) I was away from the boys for the first time. Master of my own time, accountable to noone - I slept solidly for 5-6 hours each night - bliss!

I am a nicer, more patient and organised person when I sleep!!

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