Sunday, 19 October 2014

How We Celebrated!

Well, this weekend was not the event we had started to plan a couple of years ago.
By now, we should have been away somewhere exotic for the week with the lovely I & G. But I will add that you would never have got away with just going off the the Cook Islands with G on your own!! I think my and I's idea of the Maldives was much more sensible!!

But.... Just because you were not here to celebrate the big 5.0., it didn't mean the boys and I were going to let it quietly slip past.

You had an amzaing life and that is totally worth celebrating!

So yesterday we celebrated, for you and with you. The theme was to be happy (although that crashed a few times;)

When I explained to Tae that it was your birthday this weekend, he clearly told me the protocol. He totally remembered from last year - we buy sweeties and brus and go and have a picnic at Pappa's special place!

So that is where we began the day. We went to the shops, bought the required sweeties, brus and flowers. The boys took quite some time choosing the right colour. Although Tim liked the cream and pink ones, he decided that since you only bought me yellow and organge flowers, that the yellow roses with the orange tips were perfect.

When we arrived at your grave there was already a beautiful arrangement of flowers there. That would be when the tears started. It was from all your school friends - those born in 1964! I know we love and miss you so much, but that others remembered and took the time really hits home!

Tae announced he would sing happy birthday to you! He put his sweeties and brus on the headstone and stood there blasting out in his best voice the song, like it was the most normal thing in the world to do - this is when Tim and I totally lost it. It was a very sureal, yet beautiful moment and I know it would have made you smile.  I'm putting the picture I captured here as I really want it recorded forever - my little man, still loving on his Pappa!!

Being there hit Tim hard, but, it is better that he processes it out. Before we left, I placed our flowers in another vase and we lit the candle.

Next up was the fun part. We had agreed to each year spend some silly money on something we didnt need, but wanted - something you would do!

So since Tim has been researching, talking about and discussing options regarding the Bose blue tooth mini speaker, it was a great choice. It would also have been something I'd have bought for you anyway too:)

So off we went to the shop and bought it - Tim was really surprised and it made the day positive for him!

He is also starting to look more and more like you everyday at the moment (I know everyone else always have said he did, but, even I can see it now;)

He was a very happy boy - especially when linking it up to his ipad - I know it's a boy thing and why it was also a perfect gift! 

We spent the afternoon together listening to music through it,

The next part of our day was to make a cake - well, we voted for brownies instead.

I delegated to the boys. It was so fun watching them bake together - or Tim bossing Tae to hand him things!

We stopped a few times mid baking and did what we do best as a family - a little kitchen mini disco session. Normal? Us? Somethings don't change;)

We finished the day off with a take out delivery of pizza and chicken wings - I think you would have approved.

In the middle of the celebrations, Tae lost another tooth, lego and xbox were played, tea and coffee drank and a fire lit!

It was a good day Babe! Happy 50th birthday, I think we did a good one for you.

Forever yours


  1. Oh this is such a touching post. What a wonderful way to honor your lovely husband. And your boys--the photos are precious. Hug them tight!

    Praying for you and yours!

  2. I couldn't get through reading this without tears - I think of you often. You're a brave, fabulous mom with great boys who will cherish their papa forever because you allow them to remember xxx

  3. I love how you celebrated. Seems perfect. Thinking of you and the boys. Big hugs, friend!