Saturday, 11 October 2014

I've Got it Covered!

Sometimes, you just have to just get on with it, have new experiences and learn new skills.

I have have mastered quite a lot recently.

Changing a light bulb that needed a ladder and very good balance, stacking wood, liasing with garages to fix cars and change tyres all the way to pulling teeth out and dealing with an abundance of boy issues. 

None of these I have had to do in the past, well certainly not alone, but they are now part of the norm. Initially new and unfamiliar things like that scared the pants off me. But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

A recent achievement I am proud of is my new oven!! 

A simple and tragic fact;)

My old oven has never been great. It cost a fortune, was a great make (Asko) and we did lots of research when we initially bought it. But, such is life.

It actaully stopped working a while back and my lovely friends G came over and managed to work his magic and got it going again (something about a loose button).

It broke again while I was away in London. This time I decided action was needed. I checked out a few online, had a budget and went out to buy a new one.

The lady in the shop was really good and answered all my dumb questions (Are you sure all ovens are a standard size? Are all the connections to electricity the same? etc.).

 I totally agreed with her recommendation.  
It was the same brand my MIL has, a good model with all the extras I ideally wanted and most importantly it matched my kitchen. 

But, it was a little more than I wanted to spend. So I uummed and ahhhed a little and explained that maybe I should look at cheaper models. Then the lady offered me a deal:))

She took 1000kr (100 British pounds) off the price. 
I negotiated myself a lovely fancy oven - I am usually rubbish at this kind of thing. I did not even know that the electrical chain stores in Norway did this. - See I am learning all the time (skill number 1).

So off I go home, investiage and learn to unscrew and take out my old oven (skills number 2).

Then when my new oven was delivered I unpacked and put it in by myself - with the delightful Tim as my extra muscle power (skill number 3).

I then read the manual to figure out how it actually worked - yes it is a fancy digital thingy one! (skill number 4).

I must add that the oven is Ahmazing!! It heats up to 225c in 3 minutes and cooks food evenly. 

Please do not judge my messy kitchen or splattered hobb - I can now do domestic goddess and handyman - but obviously not on the same day;)

So this independant women lark is not too bad - I have a few more projects planned and some will need reinforcement, but others I will try to accomplish by myself :)

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