Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Lost Tooth!!

Big -HUGE - Massive event in my house this week!!

Mr Tae lost his first tooth.

I do not remember so much drama surrounding Tim loosing his, but I am getting old and it was quite a few years ago;)

Seriously, we have been discussing the 'loose' tooth for quite a while. My gorgeous, cautious child was very skeptical about the whole teeth falling out business. We discussed it and moved past his fear and he was reassured everyone lost their 'baby' teeth and grew new ones.

Then we got to the hanging on a thread phase - I sucked it up, called Tim in for reinforcements and calmly explained mummy would do her magic and get the tooth, mummy had this, she would make it ok, trust mummy - or in other words, Tim would pin him down and I'd yank it out!

Oh bless him, he agreed and it was over quickly. 
However, then it started to bleed (as it does).....Oh no.. the trauma, the sobs, the tissue stuffed in his mouth (I am not joking). 'IT'S BLEEDING!'

So what does any respctful mummy do..... bribe:)

'Will ice cream make it better?'

'sniff, sniff, yeeeesss'

Tim quickly departs and returns with requested bowl of ice cream.

Trauma over - proud big boy 'I've lost a tooth and the tooth fairy will come' arrives.

So at bed time, we place the tooth in the special box I bought him (yes it does make it easier to find the tooth under the pillow;)

placed it under the pillow

and pretended to sleep!

At 11pm I went in to check. He was lying there completely still, looking straight at me with his big brown eyes.

I had to explain the tooth fairy knew when he was sleeping and would not come until he was actually asleep.
So tooth fairy watch finally over, he fell asleep and I could switch the tooth for gold coins.

In the morning the squeals of excitement were priceless.

He was a very happy boy

FYI - he recived 2 coins because Tae only wanted 'gold coins' and his big brother said that a first tooth is 50kr, but if I put in 2 x 10kr it would do;) 
Yes - Tomato ketchup and vinegar were used to get those coins that shiny, can I get some extra mama points for that!!

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