Sunday, 17 November 2013

15 years later.....

and Trix makes it to the land of the Trolls!!

Trix, is one of my bestest friends (have to say one as not to offend the other girls;). We survived university and living together during and afterwards before I came to Norway!

However, this was her FIRST visit here.

In fairness, we are all busy people, we email, call (well, erm, try to) and I usually visit her every couple of years in London.

However, some friendships are just timeless. I know she is there for me regardless. She has been on standby to visit since July, but, I was finally ready now!

She is a whirlwind of organisation. She is what my mother would refer to as a doer! Whilst here she organsied Tim to gather his tool kit and fixed a kitchen cabinet hinge...

and some loose carpet on the stairs.

She may have also blasted organisation in the playroom too!!

It was not all work though. We managed shopping, lunch and walks on the mountains. In the evening we went out on the town for a scrummy dinner and drinks afterwards. Thanks to my MIL for babysitting:)

Thanks Trix, you certainly helped recharge my batteries:)

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