Thursday, 31 October 2013

Trick or Treat

We started our Halloween tradition with scooping out and carving the pumpkin. This year it was slightly different as we had the 'online'company of cousin T. - Tim and T. facetime so much that I practically feel he is always in my house;)

Then the artistic inspiration of Tim kicked in. This year he wanted a happy, friendly pumpkin:)

Obviously the 12 year old genes kicked in too!!

He was very happy with the result and I was very happy with the pumpkin soup I made out of the scooped out guts:)

This is the first year Tae has actually understood the idea of Trick ot Treat. When I explained he could dress up and knock on doors and recieve sweeties he was all in and very excited.

Tim's friend B. came over and they got dressed together. They decided to be Zombies this year! They created their costumes and make up themselves. Not a bad effort for two 12 year old boys. 

Halloween in Norway is much 'darker' than the UK and USA. Children tend to be more spooky once they hit around 8 yrs old.

When it was time to head out, they were all excited.

I was pleased that Tim was quite happy for his little brother to tag along this year and I followed too. Tae and I did 4 houses with the boys before we went home to show Farmor all of his sweeties. I figured that was enough for his first year and his big brother could continue having fun and being 'cool' with his friend without us;)

 Tae was thrilled that people handed out sweeties and was very good at remembering to say thank you at each door.

Tim will do the rounds of houses he has been visiting for that last 7 years with B. They then head back to B's house to finish the night off with eating sweeties and drinking hot chocolate. As they discussed earlier, this is the tradition they started way back in Grade 1!!

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