Monday, 14 October 2013

Autumn Break

Last week was Autumn break. On Friday evening, the boys and I packed up and took the boat to visit my MIL.

Both boys like travelling and it is not too often they get to take ferry boat trips. The trip was just over 4 hours. But I had snacks ready and the iPad fully charged.

Once there, the boys just hung out and relaxed. Tae must have grown quite a bit as this was the first time his feet touched the pedals and he could actually 'ride' Farmor's exercise bike.

Wheile we were there they had a local crab festival, which Tae of course loved:)

There was lots of relaxing, wrestling and messing around to be had.

Tim disappeared a few times and visited with one of Tig's closest friends. He had great fun at their house in their jacuzzi and out crab fishing. So much fun, he slept over one night:)

When at Farmor's Tim spent quite a bit of time on his laptop playing games.

But he did find some time to hang out with Farmor:)

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