Saturday, 26 October 2013

Parent Conference

This boy had his parent conference this week!

I am a very proud mummy!

He is continuing to do really well - thank goodness he has his Pappa's brains. 

His teacher said he is well above average across all subjects and performed extremely well on the latest literacy and numeracy tests he just took!

He is a strong student, he learns concepts quickly and has a very wide range of knowledge that is much deeper than the rest of his peers. He also has a sharp eye to identify and understand the bigger picture or the hidden messages in texts.

Phew!! I was really worried how he was coping with school this year as I know he is tired and somewhat distracted;) 

It really helps that he has a great teacher who supports and understands him too.

He turned to Tim and told him that as long as he continues working hard for the next three years, he could have his choice of which college he wants to attend!!

Yay!! Not completely screwed him up yet;)

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